Dilan 1991 (2019)
121 min|Drama, Romance|28 Feb 2019
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Dilan and Milea officially date. But Dilan is threatened to be expelled from school due to involves in gang fights. One day, when he is planning to fight again, Milea asks him to quit the motorcycle gang or their relationship ends.

Dilan 1991 is a continuation of the Dilan and Milea romance in the Dilan 1990, released last year. After more than 6 million viewers watched the film, Dilan’s sweet words seemed to create homesickness for many people, especially young people. Dilan 1991 was again directed by Fajar Bustomi and Pidi Baiq, the author of his bestselling novel. Uniquely from some news, it is reported that this film is rejected in several areas because it is considered to trigger immoral acts and is not educated for a young audience. However, tickets that have been sold since a few days before release are still selling well, with the film dominating all cinema screens.

Dilan and Milea, who have officially been dating, are now increasingly intimate. However, the presence of Yugo, who is Milea’s distant cousin, inconvenienced their relationship. Meanwhile, Dilan still likes to fight outside the school and makes Milea worry. Finally, Dilan’s fight brought fatal problems, and their relationship was threatened. Even spoiled and soft-hearted, Milea cannot hold back her disappointment until it continues to dissolve in her sadness.

Like the first film, it’s understandable why this film is a success, especially among teenagers. Watching this film makes me return to the nostalgia of high school. Many sweet things are felt when we are dating at the time. Memorable memories that successfully displayed in this film, with sweet words that say Dilan to Milea. Indeed, it often feels cheesy and excessive, but which young woman does not like to be treated sweetly? Sweet words and attitudes are the strength of the scenes presented.

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The story itself flows lightly and is easy to understand. After the viewer is satisfied with the romantic side of the previous story, this time, the audience must be prepared to carry on a long and sad feeling. Vanesha Prescilla played an excellent role in displaying her sadness, so I seemed to share what she felt. Like Romeo and Juliet, the love story of teenagers Dilan and Milea also feels very profound. This impression can be displayed well by the two main actors—pleasant attitude, sincere, funny, and high school-style teenagers brought naturally. The quality of acting is both a strength of Dilan 1991. The tears and jokes that were presented made this film worth watching. Unfortunately, the storyline that runs slowly makes the film’s duration feel so long that it’s quite dull.

Like the previous film, the cinematography, settings, and music also support quite well, although not exactly unique. Dilan 1991 also gave an idea that courtship that was open and supported by parents of both parties could provide comfort and safety. Parents will become a place to complain when problems occur by giving positive feedback. At least, Milea’s courage to move from her love for the brave warrior was able to inspire women out there that only true warriors genuinely deserve to be defended.


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