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Criminal films amid disaster are no longer new, but this sub-genre is indeed interesting to follow. Force of Nature is a crime action – disaster film directed by Michael Polish. The film stars big names, call it Mel Gibson, Emily Hirsch, Kate Bosworth, to Latin actors and actresses, David Zayas and Stephanie Cayo.

On a small island country in South America, Puerto Rico, a level 5 storm hit this place. Cardillo (Hirsch), transfer police from New York, was assigned to evacuate two old-man in a building. Together with his new partner, Jess, Cardillo faced an unexpected situation, when a group of criminals targeted high-value paintings stored by one of the occupants of the building. Cardillo, Jess, along with the remaining residents, including a former policeman and her daughter, tried to survive under the pressure of the criminals and a big storm outside.

The story of theft amid disaster is not new, call it Hard Rain and Hurricane Heist. Both of them are not counted as good films, even though the action sequence is entertaining. Force of Nature has more or less the same fate, even though the premise is interesting. The Die Hard situation amid a big disaster did make the film have the potential for a more exciting story. Unfortunately, the story itself was not dealt with seriously with many story developments that ignored logic and were too easy to anticipate. Such an impressive building set also cannot be worked out well in the script, so we often lose information, which floor is the character on. The position of the level is essential to add to the tension of the action. In this film, all floors look the same.

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Force of Nature has an interesting premise for its action. However, the idea is no longer original and discards the talents of its senior casters. Gibson was almost never missing in choosing a role. Still, now his part did not imprint, even though the character was expressive. It’s a shame if actor this caliber must have a similar fate with Bruce Willis who now often plays in second-class films. This is similar to Hirsch and Bosworth. But local star Stephanie Cayo and the antagonist, steal a little attention. For fans of similar crime films and Die Hard plots, it feels a bit entertained even though the tensions we expect are far from expectations.

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