Twenty-one years ago, Jeepers Creepers (JC/2001) was released with its sequel, JC2, two years later. The second sequel, JC 3 (2017), was released with unsatisfactory box office results. The series is being rebooted again via Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (JC: Reborn) via Timo Vuorensola’s direction. It is even said that this film will be made into a trilogy. Does this outdated series still have its spurs by starring several young, not well-known stars?

“Ever heard of Creepers?”

Chase (Imran Adams) and Laine (Sidney Craven) intend to visit a horror festival in a suburban area. It was there, too, that the Jeepers Creepers myth began. A slaughter monster is said to “live” every 23 years and search for its prey for 23 days. Chase and Laine win the grand prize at the festival, and they have to spend the night in a haunted mansion. The Creepers were already waiting for them there.

The original series has an exciting premise and action, as presented in the second series. JC 2 has given a sample of how this series should be treated through the tension in just one night. Even though JC 3 has a unique story perspective (the plot is between the stories of series 1 and 2), it has already illustrated that this series no longer has commercial appeal. With the filmmakers’ confidence, the reboot is now being produced again. The funny thing is that this film is worse than the previous three films.

Opening with an interesting “short film,” the plot goes badly. Weak scripts are the root of all problems. The minimal background about the monster doesn’t help the story much. What is the nature of the beast? Why does it have to be 23 years? Why were the victims killed? Why is Laine being targeted? Since when did the devil need and have followers? There are many others. The plot is unobtrusive; all that is left is irrelevant speculation and ridiculous theories. The action didn’t help either. We can’t be absorbed in the story and care about the characters, which results in zero tension.

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A franchise that has attractive horror potential, but Jeepers Creepers: Reborn kills all its potential. The story could have been kept as simple as the original series and sequels, emphasizing action more. This is made complicated by the existence of cult sects, sacrifices, and others that are not clear with mediocre efforts. What do filmmakers think about this kind of nonsense script? I don’t think anyone will be interested in two more stories like this. Even Jason, Myers, and Krueger were running out of gas by now. The key to this kind of butcher’s plot is thrilling action—the more brutal, the more exciting the fans.

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