Pocong 2 (2006)
98 min|Horror, Mystery, Thriller|28 Dec 2006
6.5Rating: 6.5 / 10 from 173 usersMetascore: N/A
Two sisters find themselves haunted by an evil spirit.

When talking about horror genre in Indonesia, as it can be seen whether from our today’s movies or back in the early age of our horror movies; one thing that we can obviously see here is; “fright sells”. Our audience love…love….love… ghoulies and the cheap thrills it provide. From dead pregnant woman’s ghosts, genies, haunted places, people that dies of tragic event with their unmentionables hanging eerily as the remainings of their death and so on… But one proved to be an all Indonesian favorite ghoulies of all time, pocong. The scariest, most intimidating, and unpredictable ghost there is, to even speak of the name shivers the lot of us.

It’s a no brainer that many film makers are fixated on pocong as the focus of their attention. Not to mention this movie pocong 2 with the title that shows what they mean. The previous movies that use pocong as the fear factor impose the fright on it as the villain or as a tool of evil. But in this movie, they try to use a different kind of approach, where pocong not only as the hated entity, but also a sign of our self reflection. They use history that’s a well known recipe to spice up horror movies with facts meant to a be the make believe effect. And also philosophy as a mean to explain the world of the unknown where pocong is one of it’s inhabitants, of it’s reasons of acts and existence. But, despite all efforts added to this movie. I would not consider this movie as a must seen movie. As it shows no result on what they aim from it.

In some parts I feel confuzzled on what the director is thinking on serving those scenes and facts. Though it’s a candy movie doesn’t mean it can give unrelated facts and bits where audience would not have to think that it’s ridiculous. In some scenes, although you can’t compare Indonesia to foreign special effects but, for heaven’s sake, must you put a sack of pocong sitting on a stair? You can do better Monty! And although the main actress is recruited for a popular demand, seriously, the part where she laughed when the shaman assistant noted her case, makes me think they gave her a scripts where it’s written “action , mock-laugh unnaturally”.

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And God have mercy, you would really discus pocong philosophically with your lecturer? And your lecturer would seriously elaborate it with you?! I don’t think so. It’s too much, too stupid and too unreal. One word to describe it, unnecessary. Which lead me in to thinking how it’s about time Indonesian movies are well planned and well thought. To stop thinking that they’re making a movie where the audience can see the movie stars in a movie and act, and start thinking that they make a movie so that people can actually sink and blend in to the movie. I would be honest though it does scare me on parts where I barely open my eyes. But to me, that’s merely because of the cultural side of the movie that makes me scared. Something that is repeated over and over again in a human learning process that makes you un avoidably think that it’s scary. Not more.

So in the end, I would just say, don’t think too much, just enjoy the thrill, and be nice.Looking at my schedule today where I have to call an advertisement in a newspaper, brings my mind back to this movie. I chuckled a bit imagining what would happen if I went to the address shown at the ad and found an empty lot instead of a marketing office.

A ghost that puts advertisement on a newspaper, silly isn’t it?


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