This is what you’ve been waiting for! Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two answers all the questions the first part released last month. The film, directed by Chris Palmer, is adapted from the DC comic of the same name whose script is divided into two parts. Amazon Prime Video released the second series. The first series has to be admitted one of the best Batman stories to date. Now, is the second series able to provide a satisfying closing?

Continuing precisely the previous story (post-credit scene), Bruce is now entirely controlled by the hypnotic Poison Ivy who works under Carmine Falcone. While Batman is absent, The Holiday Killer is still in action to kill off criminal minions in Gotham City, right on a national holiday. Finally, Bruce is helped by Catwoman from Ivy’s clutches so that Batman can act again. The situation gets more complicated because the feud between two big gangsters, Maroni and Falcone, is getting hotter. Furthermore, Attorney Harvey Dent and Inspector Gordon were in their midst. Maroni tries to get close to Dent to ensnare his rival. Falcone also seeks Dent’s life, but the prosecutor has now become a completely different person.

Unlike the first series, the story of this second series is indeed quite complicated and confusing to follow. The plot tempo is fast, scene by scene, making it difficult to digest the story. The flashback segment also adds new information. I haven’t read the novel, but it could be that some parts are summarized or omitted in the plot so that we lose the direction of the story. Over time, more mysteries have been revealed, and we finally have the answer. In the closing segment, we know what happened, but we still miss many small things. I guess this second series needs to be watched more than once.

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This second part also features more of the iconic supervillain Batman. However, unlike before, where the Joker’s figure stole the attention, they only appear briefly, without adequate introduction. Other new characters that have occurred include Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter, and The Penguin. Solomon Grundy, who previously seemed briefly, now appeared more. Unlike before, the action segments are now difficult to enjoy because we are too busy digesting the story. If you want to conclude, The Long Halloween is the origin story of Two-Face (Harvey Dent).

More complex and less evocative of a mystery than the first series, Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two is a satisfying ending to one of the best stories of the night knight in film. Reaffirming the review of the first series, this second series proves that the animated version of Batman is far superior to the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) version. I was a bit surprised and questioned the DCEU fanatics who defended the films. What do they say about Batman: The Long Halloween? What makes this film special is not the whole cast, director, or visual style but the story’s strength. The Long Halloween answered with an elegant and classy style.

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