Come True (2020)
105 min|Horror, Sci-Fi|12 Mar 2021
6.0Rating: 6.0 / 10 from 11,332 usersMetascore: 68
A teenage runaway takes part in a sleep study that becomes a nightmarish descent into the depths of her mind and a frightening examination of the power of dreams.

Come True is a Canadian sci-fi horror film by filmmaker Anthony Scott Burns. This film stars several foreign stars, Julia Sarah Stone and Landon Liboiron. The theme of nightmare is not something new to be explored in the film medium. Unexpectedly, with a distinctive style, Come True could present its theme with a completely different approach.

Sarah (Stone) was a teenage girl who ran away from home for unexplained reasons. Every night, he spent the night in the city park or sometimes stayed at his best friend’s house. One strange thing is that every time she sleeps, Sarah always has a nightmare, a scary black shadow. Later, a modern laboratory offered a job to become the research object by just spending the night there. Sarah immediately responded to this offer. All modern electronic equipment sticks to her body when she sleeps. Sarah’s nightmare anomaly turns out to be a rare one that scientists there are trying to pinpoint. They are entirely unaware of what they are dealing with.

Wow, the story is fresh and shocking for both sci-fi and horror fans. If you’ve watched Nightmare on Elm Street, the plot does have some similarities. In Nightmare, the entity itself chases its victims in a dream, but Come True chooses to play in the scientific realm. This is what makes the plot interesting. The story, moment by moment, really disturbs curiosity, with the intensity of the tension getting higher towards the end. OMG! The ending, I think no one will be able to anticipate. Very brilliant and something new for the medium of film.

A very classy aesthetic packaging also supports its brilliant story. The dream segment (surreal) has never been presented so well since The Cell (2000). This segment is presented so absurdly and creepy. Those of us who watch can only surrender to what will appear on the screen, and what we see is guaranteed not to make you sit comfortably.

Another unique approach is the tone and atmosphere of the film. Although the story is set in modern times, the film’s aesthetic style and its music from the start have been reminiscent of classic 1980s science fiction films, such as Alien, The Terminator, and Blade Runner. It turned out that this was not a coincidence; I smiled amusedly when a film poster of one of the films above was shown in one scene. It’s classy and fits the story and tone of the film.

With a touch of 1980s aesthetics, Come True combines sci-fi and horror by exploring fresh stories about subconscious themes with a surprising twist. For fans of both genres, Come True is guaranteed to provide a new spectacle, plus there is a touch of fantasy there. Talking about the subconscious with all its mysteries, it still can be explored so variously by filmmakers. Few filmmakers can nail it, and Come True is one of the best examples.

 Stay safe and healthy!

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