Love Wedding Repeat (2020)
100 min|Comedy, Romance|10 Apr 2020
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While trying to make his sister's wedding day go smoothly, Jack finds himself juggling an angry ex-girlfriend, an uninvited guest with a secret, a misplaced sleep sedative, and the girl who got away in alternate versions of the sa...

After the Happy Death Day series, loop plot formulas are rarely used in popular films. Now, Love Wedding Repeat tries to use this formula in a slightly different way. The film is directed by British film debutant Dean Craig, who previously wrote many television series. Love Wedding Repeat stars several English players, such as Sam Claffin, Eleanor Tomlinson, Joel Fry, as well as several famous stars, such as Olivia Munn and Freida Pinto.

The storyline takes in a single moment, the wedding occasion of Hayley (Tomlinson) in Rome accompanied by her brother, Jack (Claffin), the companion Bryan (Fry), and attended by his ex, Amanda (Pinto), and estimated girl Jack, Dina (Munn). Amanda and Dina, invited by Hayley, unexpected by Jack. Not to mention the presence of an uninvited guest, Marc, who loved Hayley since childhood, made all the marital situations chaotic.

Okay, let us talk about the loop plot formula first. This formula was popularized by the romantic comedy Groundhog Day which was then followed by several films that used the same formula with diverse motifs. This formula is commonly used in stories for strong motives/reasons, such as the intervention of “God” (Groundhog Day); sophisticated technology (Happy Death Day 2); or it could be the ability to turn the time like Doctor Strange or alien in Edge of Tomorrow.

In Love Wedding Repeat, the motive is arguably the author of the script himself. The goal is to convey a message about how one small opportunity can change everything. All the characters arguably only act as pawns. The Narrator (Voice of God) accompanies the whole story, especially in one moment, “which is the person who takes sleeping pills at the dinner table”. So, the story of this film is just an alternative variation of the story based on the moment. There are eight people at the table, so there are eight alternative stories. Uniquely, this film only presents two alternative intact stories, namely the worst and the best. The remaining six, using montage that is presented impressively. For the use of loop plot formulas, of course, this is a fresh achievement.

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One of the most disturbing things is the story that sometimes the action is excessive and very pushy. Isn’t it natural that in comedy, the action is excessive or the logic is a bit loose? That is right, but in this film, the actions and patterns of the characters are often entirely out of reason. One significant point that becomes a problem is the use of sleeping pills. This is absurd! They can ask the security to evict the person. What do you want to expect by giving sleeping pills at formal occasion situations like that? This is not a party for young people, man. All alternative movements of the story begin with this moment. Isn’t there another more elegant way to do this?

Love Wedding Repeat is arguably its fresh loop plot formula. Nevertheless, it is a let down of a weak script and sometimes excessive comedy. If you want to be compared to other films that use a loop plot formula, I think this film is one of the worst. A big message, but if it is not supported by the execution of good ideas and concepts, then all will not be maximized. Only one small blunder weakens the film. Amusing, seeing how filmmakers ignore their film messages. Apart from the formula and weaknesses above, Love Wedding Repeat is an entertaining romantic comedy with unique characters. Ideal for viewing in times like now.

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