I don’t know when I last saw a brutal action film set in the family story. Becky offers something entirely fresh for the genre. Like John Rambo in The Last Blood, a little girl can do it in a way that we could never imagine. Becky was directed by two filmmakers Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion starring, child actress Lulu Wilson and senior comedian-actor Kevin James. Who would have thought these two stars, played in this kind of brutal film.

After the death of the mother, Becky became more sensitive and emotional. The father pushed her to go to their vacation home by the lake. Becky was furious again and retreated in her cabin when his father invited his girlfriend he wanted to marry. Elsewhere, four prisoners managed to escape from the prison car. Unexpectedly, they visited Becky’s vacation home and locked them up. Becky tried to save them as well as survive the inmates who did not hesitate to kill their victims.

Arguably, this film is also a derivative of the Die Hard plot. There is even a combination with the Rambo plot and the cruel revenge film; I Spit on Your Grave. Now, it is no longer the figure of a soldier, cop, or young girl who slaughtered criminals, but is a little girl! The brutal side that is too cruel makes me surprised to watch it. Imagine being presented in the medium of film. The story itself, for the “Die Hard” plot, is not bad at all. The development of the story goes solid and without coercion from the start. Moment by moment runs so tensely because the criminals don’t hesitate to kill anyone who gets in their way.

One thing that is attracting attention here is its two stars, Lulu Wilson and Kevin James. Wilson, as we know, has played sensationally in Ouija’s: Origin of Evil and Annabelle: Creation. This little star, who is now a teenager, increasingly showing his talent can play in any role. I do not know, could this be the wrong choice for the actress because of the part that is too sadistic? Let’s wait and see. While Kevin James, we know, is a reliable comedian in his role who often plays a role as a delicate and fatherly figure. Who would have thought he could play in a film where he had to cut his organs with his own hands. I didn’t even realize this was Kevin James until the credit appeared. This is really surprising, like Uncut Gems, starring Adam Sandler just ago.

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Beyond the brutal actions, plot, and acting of the players, the other side that steals the attention is the visual packaging. Several times this film uses match cut ( a cut from different scenes with the same visual continuity) with very innovative, as presented in the opening sequence, which cuts the action at school and in prison. Film motives were very effective in describing Becky’s life, which is now like being in a “prisoner” after the mother’s death. Several times, the filmmaker also brilliantly used the setting element to describe the mood of the scene or the mood of the character.

Beyond the brutality and sadism that is very excessive, Becky is a unique family-themed thriller with impressive performances from Lulu Wilson and Kevin James and a unique aesthetic packaging from the filmmaker. Becky is indeed not an extraordinary achievement and is 100% original because all elements of his story already existed before. But the combination of plot, acting, and aesthetic packaging that makes this film so fresh and the taste will attract the attention of genre fans. This film is not intended for everyone, and certainly not an ideal movie for family viewing.


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