Veteran filmmaker Guy Ritchie, in the last few decades, seems to lose his touch. None of his films has ever been able to approach his two best works, namely Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Wrath of Man is probably one of his films close to the achievement of his two masterpiece films. This film stars his old collaborator, Jason Statham, along with familiar stars, namely Josh Hartnett, Andy Garcia, and Scott Eastwood. The filmmaker adapted the script itself from the French thriller drama film Cash Truck (2004).

A man named Patrick Hill (Statham) applies for a job at a well-known car service company around Los Angeles. With its portfolio, Hill, or “H”, is readily accepted. Once upon a time, the safety car that he was delivering was intercepted by armed robbers. While his partner was scared, H took down all the robbers with ease. Suddenly, H became a hero at work. The mysterious man turned out to have another motive for working there, namely to find the culprit who killed his son.

After two of his “box office” films, King Arthur and Aladdin, the filmmaker seems to be trying to get back on track with his signature touch. Her trademark “nonlinear” way of telling is now dominant in the script, as are her two best films. With an intensive flashback plot, the script can provide a mysterious (curious) side and a balanced portion of tension. The audience is not given even a second to rest. One typical plot element, namely unexpected events/coincidences, can provide a big surprise in the final corner of the story. All aspects of the subplot lead to a grand finale (climax) that presents segments of powerful action scenes. Not only the suspense side, but the plot with a serious tone is also able to deliver a classy side of humour in many of the scenes. This is what makes the film a complete entertainment package.

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With the filmmaker’ filmmaker’ unique way of telling and style, Wrath of Man brings out the best of the star (Statham) with entertaining action and stories for fans of the genre. Speaking of Statham, it feels like this is one of his best castings since Lock Stock and Snatch. Perhaps this film is the best script he has ever played in his entire career. Statham’sStatham’s charisma and charm is one of the film’sfilm’s greatest strengths. Meanwhile, for Ritchie, it was nice to see the filmmaker’ filmmaker’ best performance back. The next film in the future, also still starring Statham. Hopefully, it does not disappoint and can be better than this last work.

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