Film production with a minimalist setting approach seems to be a trend now. It could be that the pandemic is the cause. Trying the same method, Rising Wolf freshly combines it with elements of thriller and fantasy. Rising Wolf or Ascendant is an Australian fantasy thriller film directed by Antaine Furlong. This film stars local actors Charlotte Best, Susan Prior, George Burgess, and Jonny Pasvolsky.

Aria Wolf (Best) wakes up and finds herself trapped in an elevator in a 160-story high rise building in Shanghai, China. There is no way out; even the elevator can fall and stop as if someone is controlling it. The screen on the elevator wall suddenly came to life, showing Richard, the father, who was being held captive. His father, who turns out to be an agent, is being interrogated forcibly to hand over classified information.

The premise has to be admittedly exciting, and since the opening, it continues to provoke curiosity. Story information, little by little, is being revealed, with absurd flashbacks that are sometimes confusing. Two girls (little Aria and her sister) seem to break down material and make it solid again. What does this mean? The minimal explanation makes the curiosity even more. Flashbacks between the past and the father’s torture, Aria’s attempt to get out of the elevator, are alternately presented. So what’s the relation? As viewers, we expected a satisfactory explanation between the two segments, but it is not.

One thing that had been bothering me from the start was why Aria was in the elevator? Now let’s put aside the fantasy side of the film; let’s talk about crime first. The father was tortured in such a way by a group of people (Russia) to give secret information about someone’s whereabouts. The engineer said so. Then, why bother keeping Aria in the elevator? Just torture Aria in front of Richard directly, guaranteed that the father will open his mouth. Isn’t that enough? Cheap and effective! In the end, we do know why, of course, because of the fantasy side that will be a surprise later. But the elevator scenario was too pushy. Then, sorry, this smells a bit spoiler; why did the boss finally can getting out alive? Then one more thing, if the father knew all along with his daughter’s abilities, why didn’t he do it from the start? This is ridiculous.

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Rising Wolf has a unique genre, premise, story, and setting approach, but the plot is a bit forced and cannot clearly describe the background motive for the story. Yes, we know precisely where the film is going, but it’s all nothing with a plot that doesn’t make sense like this. Without having a fantasy side, though, it is actually enough to make a classy thriller. The filmmaker seemed ambitious but was unable to process the script skillfully. Environmental messages and missions about humanity are becoming too much.

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