the childe

“The Childe” is a South Korean crime thriller action film directed by Park Hoon-jung, featuring Kim Seon-ho and Kang Tae-joo in their feature film debut. Kim Seon-ho, known for his roles in popular drama series such as “Start-Up” and “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” takes on a different character in this crime-action film filled with sadistic and brutal scenes.

The story follows Marco (played by Tae-joo), a Korean-Filipino boxer, struggling to make ends meet in the ring to support his seriously ill mother. His life takes a dark turn when men from South Korea claim to be sent by Marco’s father, a notorious criminal kingpin. Marco, desperate to save his mother, agrees to meet his father, only to find himself hunted by various parties upon arrival, including a brutal assassin portrayed by Seon-ho.

The film’s slow-paced premise builds into a non-stop chase action, keeping the audience curious about why Marco is being pursued. The motive is revealed two-thirds into the film, adding tension and making earlier events meaningful. The climax, featuring the traditional one-hero-against-dozens-of-enemies scenario in Korean action films, stands out with Seon-ho’s portrayal of a brutal killer, a departure from his previous sweet roles in dramas.

Seon-ho successfully breaks away from his previous image, delivering a convincing performance as a psychopathic assassin. While some may have reservations about the concept of a noble-hearted killer, the film’s unique theme of Korean-Filipino descent adds an interesting layer to the suspenseful crime thriller.

However, the film’s twists weaken the overall story and message. The exploration of the neglected Korean-Filipino descent theme raises questions about the urgency of the issue. The central moral dilemma revolves around whether helping others, even with good intentions, justifies resorting to killing. The film prompts reflection on the thin line between good and evil in today’s world and the common tendency of the film industry to prioritize commercial profit over meaningful storytelling.

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