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Before the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home (NWH), it became a sensation with various speculations and theories regarding its connection with the previous two Spider-Man franchises. Is this just a tactic to attract the audience, or is there substance to these claims? No Way Home is the third installment in Spider-Man’s Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) version, directed by John Watts and featuring regular stars Tom Holland, Zendaya, Marisa Tomei, Jacob Batalon, John Favreau, and guest star Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.

Peter (Holland), whose superhero identity is now publicly known, is grappling with extraordinary physical and psychological disorders, impacting Aunt May, Ned, and his girlfriend, MJ. The strain leads to the instability of a magician’s spell, bringing alien figures from alternate universes into his world. Seeking help, Peter turns to Doctor Strange (Cumberbatch) to erase everyone’s memory of his Spider-Man identity, excluding his aunt, girlfriend, and best friend.

Anticipation for this film is high, and it promises a different storyline from the two previous Spider-Man series. The trailer suggests the inclusion of antagonists from the earlier series, raising questions about the involvement of the two previous Spider-Man figures. Regardless, the film is expected to deliver action, humor, and innovative storytelling, although it may not satisfy all MCU fans.

One puzzling aspect is why figures from other universes only seem to exist in the previous two Spider-Man series. While it’s intriguing, it appears that Marvel, Disney, and Columbia Studios are aiming for a grand crossover. Recent events, like Venom entering the MCU, suggest the potential for Spider-Man to be drawn into their universe. The financial stakes are immense, and Columbia is unlikely to let go of this lucrative character without substantial compensation.

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Another interesting perspective is the role of Doctor Strange in the story. The post-credits scene hints at the film serving as a precursor to the next Doctor Strange installment. Despite Peter’s immersion among “other” figures, his character, who has experienced significant events from Civil War to Endgame, still seems to act like a child, making the story somewhat predictable compared to the previous two films.

NWH is sure to entertain many superhero fans, but there might be slight differences in creative perspectives. It appears to be a compromise for the studio to pave the way for the future development of this series. While it represents a breakthrough by creatively incorporating elements from the two older series, it also forces the cinematic universe to reclaim the highest-grossing superhero figure, potentially signaling that it’s time for the MCU to let go of Spider-Man.

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